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The Snow Leopard Conservancy

Sustainable livelihoods of communities and protection of wildlife (in this case snow leopards) are linked. As alternative sources of livelihood are made available to people who live near wild life, poaching reduces. As wild life becomes a means of tourism and pride, conservation improves and the entire eco system prospers. Good economics is beyond money. #Think#GoodEconomics.    http://snowleopardconservancy.org/  

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The Tribal Network

    Innovators: Those who looked at the thing on the left and created the thing on the right.   Any similarity between people in the Silicon valley in Western California and those in the Kullu Valley in the Middle Himalayas seems far fetched. However despite the huge differences in these two sets of humans, there is a deep connection between them. Beyond their ability to take what they find in raw form in nature and convert it into something much more, recent changes in the economic environment have shown cultural similarities between these two sets of people and many others around the world. When the techies in Silicon Valley collaborated by accident or intent to start open source code...

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