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The Himalayas have a rich tradition of hard work & creativity. Community living, music, crafts, art and labour are intrinsic to the people of the Himalayas. From weaving & knitting to farming & horticulture. From hydro-electricity & food processing to tourism & conservation, human industry is reflected in a myriad ways in the Himalayan region. We have taken a tiny slice of our rich heritage and presented it on this site.

There are over 400 makers & craftswomen, planters, chefs, blenders and workers in the Himalayan region who work with us to develop the products you see on this site. 

Living lives that are hard, facing an environment that is as daunting as it is inspirational, Himalayan people have always made products that reflect their subtle aesthetic and resilient nature. For generations these crafts, weaves, techniques and tastes have been nestled in the high mountains, matured through the ages yet fresh in their appearance.  These pages give you a glimpse into the traditions of the Himalayan People.


The creativity & industry of people from the region.

Indian High Commission UK & Himalayan People's 2016 Roadshow 





Koolaah: The people behind the product 


Our Story in Pictures...


Chilli, Chukh Recipes

Tea Gardens, Kangra Valley

Kangra Tea Plantation, Himalayas, India

Stone & Wood Architecture, Himalayan hut 

Artists working in Monastries near Dharamshala

Near Dharamshala 

Our Makers & Crafts women. Chamba Valley, North India

 Workers @ Chilli plantations 


Designs from the Featherheads brand from exotic Nagaland.



Shimla Town- Seat of the Government Establishment and company offices



London Exhibitions @ Earl's Court and other venues.

London Exhibition, Ideal Home Show   


     Herbal Cosmetics, Skin & body care Cold pressed Pure Wool ScarvesBest of Himalayas