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National Geographic article on Hemp/ Cannabis in the Himalayas

There are several other aspects to the hemp farms in the region beyond traditional use of cannabis among locals and sadhus. These pertain to other uses of hemp and the effect of burning down the hemp plants on some traditional practices and crafts in the communities.

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Nepal Quake update and resources

Thanks for participating in our Nepal Earthquake Relief online campaign where we reached over 20,000 people through our social media. We had pointed our patrons to the ways to help available online and helped create awareness of the tragedy that struck the beautiful Himalayan Country. Here are some resources on Disaster Preparedness in Nepal and some articles that covered the tragedy at the time. Regards, Team HP

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The Snow Leopard Conservancy

Sustainable livelihoods of communities and protection of wildlife (in this case snow leopards) are linked. As alternative sources of livelihood are made available to people who live near wild life, poaching reduces. As wild life becomes a means of tourism and pride, conservation improves and the entire eco system prospers. Good economics is beyond money. #Think#GoodEconomics.  

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