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HIMACHILLI- TRY ME CHILLI - Chilli Chukh Gift & Trial Pack

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Your favourite exciting smokey hot fire of Himachilli Chukhs now in these trial size gift packs.

Don't let the size fool you, it still packs the same punch. Get yours now !!

Made from sundried Red Chitrali Chillies and Gulgul Citrus.

Ideal addition to snacks or as an additive to foods. Use for cooking, as a garnish or as a dip.

HOT & CITRUSY & HOT !! - Baste Chicken, Fish of Meats in Himachilli Chukh and oven grill. - Use as a dip for tempuras, samosas, crackers or tortillas. - Use sparingly as a spread in sandwiches to make hot and spicy. - Mix with Pasta sauce to add ZING!! - Add in Stir Fry or Noddles - Use in cooking as a flavoured chilli paste And many more recipes.

Contains: Capsicum frutescens- Sun Dried Red Chitrali Chilli

Citrus pseudolimon- Citrus Fruit Juice

Brassica juncea- Mustard oil

Sodium chloride-Salt

Cuminum cyminum-Cumin

Carum copticum- Omam

and other trace spices. Please check for your allergies or food restrictions.

Heat Warning: Very hot. 


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