*Twin Offer* Red & Green Chilli Sauces
Himachilli, Hot sauce, Red Chilli, Green Chilli, Very Hot
Himachilli, Green Chilli Sauce, Citrus Chilli, Hot Sauce, Chilli Sauce
Chilli Sauce, Himachilli, Hot Sauce, Green Chilli, Chinese Chilli sauce
*Twin Offer* Red & Green Chilli Sauces
*Twin Offer* Red & Green Chilli Sauces
Indian Hot Sauce, Smokey Hot Sauce, Red Chilli Sauce
Himachilli. Red Chilli Sauce. Hot Sauce, Indian Spices, Smokey Chilli Sauce

*Twin Offer* Red & Green Chilli Sauces

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Himachilli Chukh Smokey Red Chilli Sauce & Fiery Green Chilli Sauce are here!!

Ideal Hot & Spicy Dip and Table Sauces

175 gms of Smokey Red Chilli Table Sauce &

175 gms of Citrussy Chilli flavour to go with a variety of foods.

Spice up Indian snacks, chinese meals, sandwiches, tempuras, momos and much more.

Made In Himachal. A Centuries Old Recipe In A Brand New Avatar.