Himachilli, Hot sauce, Red Chilli, Green Chilli, Very Hot
Himachilli, Green Chilli Sauce, Citrus Chilli, Hot Sauce, Chilli Sauce
Chilli Sauce, Himachilli, Hot Sauce, Green Chilli, Chinese Chilli sauce
*Twin Offer* Red & Green Chilli Chukh Sauces
*Twin Offer* Red & Green Chilli Chukh Sauces
Indian Hot Sauce, Smokey Hot Sauce, Red Chilli Sauce
Himachilli. Red Chilli Sauce. Hot Sauce, Indian Spices, Smokey Chilli Sauce

*Twin Offer* Red & Green Chilli Chukh Sauces

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Himachilli Chukh Smokey Red Chilli Sauce & Fiery Green Chilli Sauce are here!!

Ideal Hot & Spicy Dip and Table Sauces

175 gms of Smokey Red Chilli Table Sauce &

175 gms of Citrussy Chilli flavour to go with a variety of foods.

Spice up Indian snacks, chinese meals, sandwiches, tempuras, momos and much more.

Made In Himachal. A Centuries Old Recipe In A Brand New Avatar.