Customer Reviews and Notes from Friends of Himalayan People

Thanks to our lovely friends and patrons around the world for their words:

Himalayan People London Exhibitions

by Ms.Belinda Ackermann

Great stall on the green in islington fabulous choice of really interesting unusual bits i bought some AMAZING indoor slippers hand made

Belinda Ackermann (London) 


Himalayan People Woolens

by Mr. Vaibhav AdIakha

contacted Himalayan People looking to buy stoles and scarfs in bulk to give to family members and guests at a wedding in the Netherlands.

I gave Himalayan People a budget as well as my requirements. They worked with me at every step. I was reassured of the quality of the scarfs and stoles and the team was on hand to answer my questions about them as well as delivery. I was able to discuss my requirements in depth and was kept informed at every juncture to track what is being delivered. This helped me calm my nerves about ordering things online and established a sense of trust which helped me build faith in the products as well.

When the stoles and scarfs were finally delivered, they were extremely special and of fabulous quality. The cloth used was fantastic and silky smooth. Everybody who saw them were very very happy and believed that they would use and order from Himalayan People in the future.

I certainly will do so in the future because I have complete faith in the products and the service that Himalayan People provide. I would like to thank them for the stoles and scarfs that they have given.

I am sure I will experience great pride and happiness seeing the joy people will feel receiving the stoles and scarfs all thanks to Himalayan People.

Thank You!!!

- Vaibhav (Holland)


Review of Kangra SFTGFOP(1) Tea

by tasters @ The Tea Shelf

This whole leaf tea comes from the beautiful Kangra Valley nestled in the lower slopes of the Dhauladhar Range in the Himalayas. Wiry, green and olive, these short vermicelli shaped leaves exude a distinct aroma of mountain flowers, with a prominent lavender nose. Once brewed, it envelops you with delicate citrus notes and an explosion of flower bouquet, with a delightfully long after taste. A special tea with a lot of depth.

- for www.teashelf.com 


Review (Off the Press)

by Linda Van Waesberge (Columnist, Belgium)


- Linda

(for the bazarmagazin @ le bazar)


Review of Kangra First Flush Orthodox Tea

by Moushumi Palit.

Dear Himalayan People,

Just wanted to drop in a note to tell you I am absolutely in love with the taste of your Kangra tea. 

I am a regular drinker of green tea, jasmine tea and blossoming teas and in comparision, I found the taste of Kangra tea really subtle and elegant and without the bitter tannin aftertaste that a lot of teas I drink have. 

I will definitely be looking at adding more of Kangra tea to my daily cuppas!

Thanks and all the best

- Moushumi Palit (Singapore)


Review of Kangra First Flush Orthodox Tea by Anon.

I really enjoyed the Kangra First Flush loose tea. I first noticed the balanced and round flavor. Unlike many tea brands, this tea smell(s) and taste(s) of high quality tea leaves. No bitter after taste, which is important to me. The packaging also looks unique and attractive.

- Anonymous (Singapore)


Review of Kangra SFTGFOP1 (Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) First Flush Tea

by Ben Oppenheim

"The Kangra FTGFOP is a brilliant tea: aromatic, bright, with a subtle tannic bite. "

- Ben, Oppenheim (California, USA)


Review of the Tangy Rosehip and Mint Infusion by Ingrid Helsingen Warner:

" The tea is nicely enveloped in high quality rectangular saches. After watching the big tea leaves absorb the water for a few minutes, flavor the hot tea with with honey or sugar, and the Tangy Rosehip and Mint Tea will take you straight to the Himalayan valleys. The tea is a warm yellow, and its round tastes are wrapped with a fresh mint. This gives you a refreshing taste. Knowing that I can enjoy a high quality cup of tea in Norway while contributing to sustainable livelihood, makes Himalayan People Tea, tea with a capital T. And when you are not drinking the tea, the colorful tea boxes make beautiful Wes Anderson inspired decoration. "

- Ingrid H. Warner (Oslo, Norway)


Review of Kangra First Flush Orthodox Tea by Richard Mallinson:

Kangra leaf tea has a gentle aroma and a wonderful delicate flavour. Putting the kettle on and making a cup is the perfect way to relax. Knowing that it also helps a local community makes it even better.

- Richard Mallinson (London, UK)


Message from Amanda Viva Frida on buying her first pair of Koolaah

Just bought myself the pair i've been wanting since I first laid eyes on em' in Spitalfields, and cos it's Xmas soon - I thought I'd give the gift of koolah to my friends too. You really did take all my moolah! Can't wait to receive them! xxx

- Amanda Viva Frida (London, UK)


Message from Kristina on the Makers Video and story of the products:

I have shared this YouTube Link with a few friends and they have been highly impressed and have shared it as well! I love everything about this!

- Kristina Fiorillo Saxena (New York, USA)


Message from Anamika to Himalayan People:

Good effort will always pay off well....Keep up the spirit....!!!

- Anamika Arora (India)


Message from Nitin Sharma on our Winter Collection

suprb fella, great work.

-Nitin Sharma (Delhi, India)


Message from Aaron Rodrigues on Xmas gifts December 2013

Cool and hot. Loved the colours. Keep it up.

- Aaron Rodrigues (Unknown)


Message from Rashmi Bisht on our accessories:

Love it!! Where can I get this bag?

- Rashmi Bisht (California, USA)


Message from Smita Verma to Himalayan People

Challenging work. Hope you do well.

- Smita Verma (Mumbai, India)


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