Himalayan People

Koolaah, Green, White, Yellow, Closed Shoe style

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Koolaah are hand crafted home footwear designed for comfort and style. Made in the upper reaches of the Himalayas by craftswomen who have worn these for generations in their homes and on the snow, Koolaah are soft, light and remarkably elegant.

We have retained the traditional weave and stitch style of the Himalayan craftswomen, but 'contemporised' the styles, colours and designs keeping you in mind. This footwear is the product of generations of craftsmanship and the coming to age of a people who bring you their understated but enduring style and craft.

The shoes have a hand stitched woolen top and a choice of bases ranging from Jute to sythetic blends of nylon and cotton.

Koolaah are your perfect companion at home be it while entertaining guests or lounging in your living room.

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